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Missy Simmons lived in Upstate New York.


Where had twenty five years gone? In three days it would be her wedding anniversary.


Nothing to show for it except three brats who had grown up too fast and were all out of college and looking to start the horrid cycle she was just completing.


Edward used to be such a loving, tender and romantic who de do, but that was in another life.


All he seemed to care about was his 401k, making provisions for retirement. He never even thought of taking her to an Island. Even Coney Island would please her. That’s how bad it was.


What a drag life had become.


He had said he was on some business trip and would be flying out on Flight 191 to Colorado. Who cares?


His snoring had driven her out of their marriage bed and she wasn’t going back to that room for anything. She could do very well without that pig noise. He always took his sleeping pills to enter into his weirdo gaga land.


She looked at the TV and saw the usual heads bobbing up and down making the same noises and grunts everyday. Plastic smiles on plastic sets.


Breaking news! Another plane crash! What was with these pilots anyway? Didn’t they teach them anything anymore in flight school?


“We interrupt our normal schedule to bring you up to date on news just breaking from Boulder, Colorado. A 200 passenger jet went down on the approach. Other pilots in the vicinity had spoken about incredible Clear Air Turbulence at that time and the pilot must have had precious little time to adjust his aircraft before the accident.”


“We are just getting further word that all passengers and crew onboard seem to have been lost. The plane exploded and was completely incinerated on impact.

Flight number 191 has been lost totally.”


Flight 19… 111111!!!  “O My God, that’s the plane Edward was on.” “Mother, Edward was on that flight” she screamed into the phone. “O My God, mother my husband is gone. Help me, help me.” She fainted.


When she came to, her mother, medics, neighbors and one child had arrived. She was given sedatives and all were watching the TV for more news. There was no official news from the airline, but that would come in time.


Edward! Her world had come to a disastrous turn. She had grown to despise his ways and actions so much. She had grown so selfish, so self-centered, so uncaring. She was so into herself, she didn’t even have time to say goodbye. He had worked so hard to give her a good life, the Mercedes, the beautiful clothes. He never took a vacation and always worried about her and the children. He had never thought about himself or his needs.


When was the last time she had made even dinner for him, or washed his clothes or just massaged his aching back?


She had thrown it all away in her self pity and constant nagging. Now he was gone, never to be seen again. No comebacks. No chance to make it up to him.


If only she had been a better mother, a better friend, a proper loving Christian wife like the pastor preached every Sunday. It all used to sound like Greek to her. In through one ear, out through the other. Now all that wonderful life and a perfect husband was gone. Who would love her like he did? Worry about her, fret over her. She had even withheld from him in the bedroom. Thinking only about her almighty self.

He had never complained.


“Who is upstairs?” her mother asked out of the muddle her mind had become. “I thought you said you were home alone.”  


“I am.” She said through tears.


A male voice rang out through the silence, “Honey, are you home? O God, I shouldn’t have taken that extra pill, I have missed my flight. My boss will kill me. Honey, are you home….?”






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