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The Need to Hear, Speak and See.


In Matthew 12:22 the bible says that they brought a man to Jesus who was blind and dumb. When the Lord healed him, the bible says the man both spoke and saw. He was blind and dumb and then he was healed. I thought the order should be the man both saw and speak.  But the Lord said the man both spoke and saw.


The one who is spiritually dumb;


·         Cannot issue decrees

·         Cannot cast out demons

·         Cannot cry for help

·         Cannot praise God


That tells you that speaking is far more important than seeing. Anyone who is dumb cannot issue decrees.


The book of Job 22:21-28 says if you satisfy certain conditions you can decree a thing and it will be established unto you. Decrees are issued with authority and they have to be obeyed. When a Governor issues a decree every office in the state falls in line with the dictates of the decree. Their opinion or willingness is of no importance and any citizen who fails to comply will simply face the wrath of the law so is it for every Christian who disobeys God.


As (children) of God we have been endowed with power from on high, from God to issue decrees and the host of heaven will stand to back us up. When Elijah called down fire on the prophets of Baal, (and) the fire fell, even King Ahab who was a terror to his subjects could not stop it.


The one who is dumb cannot cast out demons.

Mark 16:17 says, (these signs will follow them that believe, in my name you will cast out demons...) There is no way you can cast out demons simply by saying it silently, the demon must hear you speak. God has given authority to those who believe in his word to speak to situations in the name of Jesus, and whatsoever they ask according to His will shall be granted. Words that we speak bring life. With our mouths we make our requests and the concerned party hears us and responds.


But even worse than that is that, the one who is dumb cannot cry out for help.


In Psalm 50:14-15, the word of God says (if you call on me in the day of trouble I will answer), but if you are dumb how will you cry? We can cry out to God in times of pain, lack and anytime we need help, he is there waiting for us to call. Remember He is our father, and He is more than ready to respond to our cry for help, or shout of praise.


The most important of all is that the one who is dumb cannot praise God.

Psalm 22 verse 3 says, (God inhabits the praises of his people).


Now it is possible to pray silently, but it is not possible to praise God silently, there is nothing called silent praise. There could be silent prayer but nothing called silent praise. One of the ways you know that someone is drifting far from God is that they don’t know how to praise God any more. One of the reasons why I always ask my children to shout hallelujah is to test their spiritual health. Those who are too big to shout praise to God, are too big for God. Let somebody shout hallelujah.


In other words, we are saying it is good to be able to see. When we talk about seeing now, I am sure you know we are talking about  both physical and spiritual; and my faith is high that before you are through reading this  blind eyes will see and I mean physically and spiritually. It is good to be able to see because the bible says in Proverbs 29:18, (without vision the people perish). In other words those who cannot see will ultimately perish.


God wants to save us, from (the) destruction that is to come. God wants to prepare us for the blessing that is to come.


That is why God wants us to see, hear and speak both physically and spiritually.


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