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Be Part of the Prayer Line

This video player is used for the four day prayer line. You can now Join us for live video streaming from anywhere around the world during the prayerline times: 11pm - 12 midnight  EST (New York time) Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays.

Once again we welcome you to the prayer line, which has now been complimented by this live video player. 

We would like to just give some instructions on how to benefit from this prayer line;

Forget your airs, your titles and importance once you are on the prayer line community.

Humble yourself, worship the king of kings and look to Jesus only for help and salvation.

As ministers in biblical deliverance, we sometimes just take off and go to a local church where deliverance meetings are conducted and sit quietly at the back for few days. We get re-invigorated, cleansed and re-energized before continuing the ministry business. That is what this line is for. Its also for those who have long standing and stubborn negative situations in their lives.

The only way this will work for you is if you stay consistently on the line week in week out. As we dwell on different topics, as led by The Holy Spirit, general cleansing comes and you begin to see a lifting in your situations.Focus and consistency is the key.

Lastly this prayer line is for those who also want to ensure they are constantly on fire and unreachable by the Enemy. 

May we all be blessed. See you at the top in Jesus' name. Amen

Just click on the play on the video screen below. If you lose the live video or it freezes up at any time you can refresh.

If you want to watch past videos you can click on this link