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Imagine Holding The First Copy of Your Book.


Your book is your passion, and you have spent months, maybe even years finishing it. After all this time imagine holding the first copy of your book in your hands and it is exactly how you envisioned it. We can help make that dream come true.

Book publishing is our passion. Deliverance Series Publishers has just started helping authors get published  one author at a time.

The book publishing process may be new to you, but we are here to help with every step. From top-notch editing services, to customized book cover design, to professional promotional tools, you can rest assured that your book will receive the personal attention it deserves.


For the sum of USD 2,500.00 (USD 3,500.00 for books above 250 pages) just send us an electronic copy of your Transcript.

We will design a cover

Edit, correct AND typeset your script

Once you approve the edited transcript;

We will obtain an ISBN number for your book

We will give you two copies of your finished book.

All within 5 weeks of signing our agreement with you.

We will do e-mail blasts to various organisations on your behalf

For an additional sum of USD 200.00 we will set up your book as an ebook on three major global e-publishing houses 

Send us an email at and lets get you started!

WE ARE NOT PUBLICISTS and will not do physical marketing or setting up book signings etc. 

Have a look below at our publisher's agreement. 

OUR SERVICES (These are selective and will depend on the type of agreement you sign)


We encourage you to pursue the vision God has given you to write. By perusing this site, you have taken the first step toward bringing your vision to fruition. We have the skill, the experience and the anointing to pull the very best manuscript from you and to perfect it. Here us just a sampling of the production and design services we provide for our authors. 

Back Cover Book Description

The back cover copy is the second most important design aspect. It has to be engaging, provocative and interesting. A book is usually given a few seconds to "make a sale". Your cover and cover copy should make the browser want to buy your book. It takes skill to condense tens of thousands of words into a few paragraphs. Excellence in copy writing is a function of what we choose to say as much as it is how we choose to say it. We have honed these skills and are eager to put them to work for you. Our editorial and marketing team will make sure that the cover copy conveys the essence of your work and inspires further consideration.

Book Cover Design–Full Color, Customized

Book cover design is the first representation of your work and a sure indication of whether or not your book was professionally published. Since the cover is your book's salesperson, it must be captivating. We put our marketing savvy and creativity to work in its design. We will create an original cover that captures the attention of your target audience. Your cover will be professionally crafted and unique to you and your title. We will listen to your ideas and goals, or come up with an original concept. Then, we will present you with a cover which will effectively convey your message,  grab the attention of browsers and stand out among thousands of books. You will be proud to say, “This is my book!”

Book Interior Design/Typesetting

We go beyond just simple layout of text in an organized format–also known as typesetting. Interior design of book pages and typesetting is an art and a science.  Each book we typeset is unique. We lay out your manuscript pages to suit the content of your book as well as your book cover. We ensure that the flow between book cover and interior page is harmonious. However, we go the extra mile. We add just the right elements to make your book more attractive than it’s competitors. It’s these small touches that set us apart from other publishers.

Conversion Of Printed Book To E-Book Or POD

We can convert your printed book into a digital file fo be used a number of ways. For one, digital conversion allows us to upload your book to digital storage so that it can be printed one book at a time–for printing now, or in the future. Digital conversion keeps your title up to date and accessible. Digital conversion is required to format an e-book. Our are produced in all the appropriate formats which will provide the potential for worldwide distribution. Digital upload also allows for digital distribution. Have your title available for 70,000 booksellers. Make your title available to millions of readers who don’t read printed books.

Copy Editing

Authors are often too close to the subject to objectively edit their own work. After looking at the same text over and over, it’s easy to overlook mistakes. Our professional editors polish your work until it shines. We refine your ideas while ensuring that the work is still in your voice—just corrected.  Our editors work long hours restructuring sentences, fixing verb tense, and finding that perfect word to replace the one that’s just slightly misused. As a publisher of excellence, we will make sure that nothing stops the smooth flow of ideas from you to your reader. Whether it is mistakes in grammar or syntax, spelling, sentence structure, holes in logic, or overall organization, we will perfect the manuscript you worked so hard on.  Christian Living Books will deliver a product that you can be proud of­–one that represents the Kingdom, you, and this company well.

Copyright Registration

Copyright registration is a legal formality to make a public record of your copyright claim. You may copyright your manuscript before submission. We can also prepare and submit a copyright submission and deposit for you. Your book will be copyrighted in your name and the copyright certificate will be mailed directly to you. 


Distribution And Fulfillment

Getting a book published is the first step, getting your book into the hands of readers is the next step. That is the greatest challenge an author faces. Deliverance Series Publishers offers full-service distribution of our own titles. We have expanded our services to allow for a wider variety and number of distribution channels.  Anyone can get a book published. However, it takes experience, expertise, contacts and immediate acceptance into major channels to put your book in position to be purchased by readers.  As a rule, we do not distribute books we did not publish. If you would like us to consider republishing your book under our imprint, please contact us for further instructions.


EAN Barcode

An EAN Bookland barcode is a graphical representation of your books ISBN number and price. It is included on the back of your book to allow automated scanning and point-of-sale transactions. Most book retailers require books to display the Bookland EAN bar code, which is the only barcode that encodes the ISBN as well as the book's retail price.


E-Books are on the forefront of new digital technology. Our E-book Format and Distribution service provides digital reformatting of your book’s content for leading digital devices on the market. We are paying close attention to the latest trends in digital readers so you are able to give your readers even more options for downloading your book. The most popular e-Book reader, Amazon’s Kindle, is not just Oprah’s favorite thing. According to, “Kindle is our #1 bestselling item for two years running. It’s also the most-wished-for, most-gifted, and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.” Don't miss the boat! Put your book in front of millions of book lovers by making it available to download to Kindles, iPads, Kobos, Nook, Sony, and other e-Readers throughout the world! Click here to learn more about our E-Book services.


Email Marketing/E-Blasts

Email marketing remains an effective and economical way for authors to reach a targeted group of potential readers and retailers. Our email campaigns reach 140,000 genre-specific readers and buyers to help promote everything from your title to your next conference. We blast to subscribers who have opted in to receive email communications on subjects of interest to them. Email marketing also encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and influence. This is known as viral marketing. A distinct advantage is that an exact return on investment can be tracked and has proven to be high when done properly. Email marketing is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic. Lastly, over half of internet users check or send email on a typical day.

Filing In Advance Book Information

“Advance Book Information” is a monthly catalog which is mailed to booksellers and libraries around the world. Titles are eligible to be included in “Advance” only once, when they are first released. We will submit your title for listing in this important resource. The listing will include a short paragraph describing the title, the retail price and a black & white cover image.



You can be the author of a title, but not the writer. Many bestselling books were not written by the authors. Many authors are busy about the things they are called to and don’t have the proper amount of time to write a complete book. However, they have much to share with the Body.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to write, but you do have material on tape, in files, in a dissertation, article or other form, we can provide a ghostwriter who will actually write the book but not receive editorial credit. The ghostwriter will remain in consultation with you to ensure that you are thoroughly pleased with your project.

ISBN Assignment

An International Standard Book Number is an essential piece of identification for your title in the book market. This 13-digit number is unique to your book and allows distributors, retailers, printers and readers to accurately find and order your title. The purpose of the ISBN is to establish and identify one title or one unique edition of a title from one specific publisher. An ISBN allows for more efficient marketing and cataloging of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers, and distributors. An ISBN aids in the discoverability and merchandizing of your book as it is sold through retailers. Most retailers require an ISBN to carry your book.

Library Of Congress PCN

PCN stands for Preassigned Control Number Program. A Library of Congress catalog control number is a unique identification number that the Library of Congress assigns to the catalog record created for each book in its cataloged collections. Librarians use it to locate a specific Library of Congress catalog record in the national databases and to order catalog cards from the Library of Congress or from commercial suppliers. The Library of Congress assigns this number while the book is being cataloged. A PCN control number can be assigned before the book is published.

Listing In Books In Print

The U.S. ISBN Agency is run by R.R. Bowker, which also compiles Books in Print, the world’s most comprehensive database of books published in the U.S. and abroad. Bowker licenses Books in Print to thousands of retailers (chain and independent bookstores) including Barnes & Noble, Borders, thousands of libraries, the top three search engines, and many mobile clients. This reference tool offers more than 2.5 million titles. All editions and bindings of a particular title are listed. It includes over 3.5 million active ISBNs representing more than 80,000 U.S. publishers. books are indexed by Title, Author, Publisher, Wholesaler and Distributor for quick reference. We will get your title listed in Books in Print.

Photo And  Artwork Preparation

If an illustration will enhance your text, include it in the book. If you are a gifted artist, showcase some of your work in the book. If you are telling a story, augment the text with a memorable photograph. If you write about your family, insert a treasured family photo. Tasteful artwork can make your book more attractive, useful, and meaningful. Our designers will guide you on what to submit and how to submit it for the best representation. We will rescreen or reshoot your artwork so that it prints correctly. 

Price Recommendation

There is an art to book pricing. If your book price is too low, it will not be credible. If your book price is too high, it will price out of the market. The retail price will affect the sales potential of your book. However, you want a return on your investment of time and energy. We will consider all factors in recommending a suitable price.


Print On Demand (POD)

In additional to traditional printing, we are pleased to offer Print On Demand (POD). When direct customers or retailers place an order for your book, it is automatically printed via POD in a small run or even a single copy. Your book is packaged and mailed directly to the buyer. By combining POD technology with traditional publishing services, we can make sure that anyone who wants to order your book has an opportunity, including Barnes & Noble, Expresso Book Machine, and You can have one, ten, or a hundred books printed, without the additional costs and risk of maintaining a large inventory on hand. Because each book is digitally stored in a database, a book published on demand will never go out of print. Click here to learn more about our Print on Demand Program.


Project Consultation

To ensure your book reaches and sells to the audience you intend to serve, we offer proven strategies to make your book competitive in the current market. We are mandated to produce works that hold their own in an extremely competitive marketplace. Our consultation will put the knowledge and expertise we have gained in the industry to work for you. We will develop a strategy so that your work appeals to your target audience.  The particular editor assigned to your project will have insight and experience in the genre in which you seek to publish.  Our experts will review your manuscript and provide an assessment of the kind of editorial work your book may need to make it an excellent work.

Project Design For Target Audience

To ensure your book reaches and sells to the audience you intend to serve, we offer proven strategies to make your book competitive in the current market. Again, our books hold their own in an extremely competitive marketplace. Our consultation will put the knowledge and expertise we have gained in the industry to work for you. We will develop a strategy so that your work appeals to your target audience.  We will make sure the all the facets of your book appeal to your target audience and are consistent with your genre.

Transcription Of Audio CDs Or Cassettes

Do you have an excellent tape series you’ve been meaning to make into a book? Don’t wait any longer. Our professional transcribers will provide high quality and accurate transcription of tape or CD to text. Relieve your staff of this burdensome process. We already have an excellent infrastructure in place to provide quality transcription services.


Video Email Distribution

Harness the power of video and audio technologies and use it to benefit your book sales.  Our video emails are essentially commercials sent directly to the inbox of thousands of individuals. With a click of a button, thousands are instantly exposed to your video email. Let our Video Email Distribution feature work for your book. Our goal is to simplify the whole email process so you can focus on the message and the results of your video email campaign. We have the technology to reach customers with video anywhere, any time on computer, iPads, iPhones and Smartphones. Don't miss out on this innovative tool.



Deliverance Series     Publishers






This Agreement made the day of ????..20?., by and between (hereinafter called ?Author,? and if there is more than one author then all of them collectively) and (and hereinafter called ?Publisher?).


1. Rights Granted

The Author hereby grants, transfers and assigns to the Publisher for the full term of this agreement the exclusive right to publish and sell throughout the world in the English language the literary work presently entitled: (hereinafter called ?Work?). The Author also grants and assigns to the Publisher the exclusive rights to said literary Work listed in paragraph 9(a) below, with exclusive authority to license said rights in all countries and in all languages.

2. Delivery of the Manuscript

    1. The Author will deliver to the Publisher on or before , 2011, three (3) double- spaced typewritten or camera-ready copies of the complete manuscript (with all illustrations, charts, graphs, and other material mutually agreed upon for the Work) in form and content satisfactory to the Publisher, it being understood that the length of the manuscript shall be approximately .
    2. If the Author fails to deliver a satisfactory manuscript on time, the Publisher will have the right to terminate this agreement and to recover from the Author any sums advanced in connection with the Work. Upon such termination, the Author may not have the Work published elsewhere until such advances have been repaid.
    3. If the Author and the Publisher agree that the photographs, maps, charts, or any other illustrations are necessary to the Work, the Author will provide them in final form, ready for reproduction without additional art work (maps and charts will first be furnished in draft form for editing).

3. Quoted Material

With the exception of short quotations from prose which constitute fair use, the Work will contain no material from other copyrighted works without a written consent of the copyright holder. the Author will obtain such consents at his or her own expense after consultation with the Publisher and will file them with the Publisher at the time the manuscript is delivered. Any obligations associated with permissions, such as free copies, will be the responsibility of the Author.

4. Copy Editing and Proofreading

The Work will be copy edited by the Publisher and returned to the Author for reading and correction; the corrected manuscript will be returned to the Publisher by the Author within weeks. Queries from the Publisher will be made by attachments to the manuscript and the Author will place all changes or comments only on these attachments. This will be the Author?s last opportunity to make any substantive changes without cost. After the Work has been set in type the Author will read and correct galley and/or page proofs. The Author will prepare, or cause to be prepared, and deliver to the Publisher within weeks of the receipt of page proofs an index to the Work acceptable to the Publisher, unless it has been agreed beforehand that an index will not be needed.

5. Collective Works

If the Work is a collection of articles by several authors, the general editor ( called ?the Author? in this agreement) will be responsible for distributing copy-edited articles to the contributors for their reading and correction, and for return of the corrected articles with any additional changes or queries the Author may have , within weeks. The Author will also be responsible for reading and correcting galley and/or page proofs, and unless otherwise agreed upon, for providing the index.

6. Author?s Alterations

The Author will bear the expense of any alterations made in the proofs by the Author (exclusive of printer?s or Publisher?s staff errors) which exceed 10% of the cost of the composition.

7. Publication of the Work

The Work shall be published by the Publisher in the English language as soon as circumstances permit after receipt of the completed manuscript, at its own expense, in such style or styles and at such price or prices as the Publisher shall deem best suited to the sale of the Work.

8. Copyright

The Author authorizes the Publisher to copyright the Work in the Publisher?s name in the United States and elsewhere as the Publisher may elect.

9. Author?s Warranty

The Author warrants that he or she is the sole owner of the Work and has full power and authority to copyright it and to make this agreement; that the Work does not infringe any copyright, violate any property rights, or contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter. The Author will, to the extent authorized under the laws and constitution of the State of Pennsylvania, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Publisher and/or its licensees against all claims, suits, costs, damages, and expenses that the Publisher and/or its licensees may sustain by reason of any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter contained or alleged to be contained in the Work or any infringement or violation by the Work of any copyright or property right; and until such claim or suit has been settled or withdrawn, the Publisher may withhold any sums due the Author under this agreement.

10. Royalty Payments

The Publisher shall pay to the Author on each copy of the Work sold by the Publisher, less returns, the following royalties based on the net sales of the Work (net sales being defined as sales, less returns, at list price less trade discounts):

    1. On casebound copies:
    2. On paperbound copies:
    3. On casebound and/or paperbound copies sold at special discount of 60% or more from the list price, a royalty of % of the amount the Publisher receives, except as provided in paragraph 7(h).
    4. On casebound and/or paperbound copies sold for export (outside the United States and Canada), 75% of the royalties stipulated in paragraphs 7(a) and (b), except as provided in paragraph 7(e).
    5. On copies (casebound, paperbound, or in sheets) sold for co-publications at discounts of 60% or more, 10% of the amount the Publisher receives.
    6. No royalty shall be paid on copies sold at a remainder price (any sale at or below manufacturing cost being deemed a remainder sale) or on copies furnished without charge for review, advertising, sample, promotion or other similar purposes, or on damaged copies.

11. Selections for Publicity Purposes

The Publisher may publish or permit others to publish or broadcast without charge and without royalty such selections from the Work for publicity purposes as may benefit the sale of the Work.

12. Braille

The Publisher may license publication of the Work without charge and without royalty in Braille or by any other method primarily designed for the physically handicapped.

13. Subsidiary Rights

The Publisher shall have the sole right to license, sell, or otherwise dispose of the following rights in the Work: Publication or sale by book clubs; reprint rights; foreign rights; translation rights; publication in anthologies, compilations, digests, condensations; first and second serial rights (in one or more installments); dramatic, motion picture, and television rights; broadcast by radio; recordings; electronic, mechanical, and visual reproduction; computer programs; microprint, microfiche, and microfilm editions; syndication rights; permission rights (quotations, excerpts, illustrations, etc.); any other rights to the Work not specifically enumerated; and otherwise utilize the Work and material based on the Work.

14. Compensation

The net amount of any compensation received from such dispositions will be divided equally between the Author and the Publisher (after all manufacturing costs, commissions, foreign taxes, and other charges) in lieu of royalty, except that the division of the net proceeds from dramatic, motion picture, and television licenses shall be % to the Author and % to the Publisher.

15. Collective Works

If the Work is a collection of articles by several authors, the net amount of any compensation received from the sale of subsidiary rights will be shared equally between the Publisher (50%) and the contributor(s) (50%) of the material used rather than the general editor (called ?the Author? in this agreement).

16. Competing Publications

The Author agrees not to publish or furnish to any other publisher, without the Publisher?s written consent, during the term of this agreement any work on the same subject and of the same content and character as the Work covered by this agreement, publication of the which would in the Publisher?s opinion clearly conflict with the sale of the Work.

17. Revisions

The Author agrees to revise the Work within one year upon the receipt of written request from the Publisher. The provisions of this agreement shall apply to each revision of the Work by the Author as though that revision were the Work being published for the first time under this agreement. In the event that the Author is unable or unwilling to provide a revision within one year after the Publisher has requested it, or should the Author be deceased, the Publisher may have the revision made and charge the cost against the Author?s royalties and may display, in the revised Work and in advertising, the name of the person or persons who perform the revision.

18. Author?s Copies

The Publisher shall furnish the Author, free of charge, (10 ) copies of the paper back edition of the Work as published, and any additional copies desired by the Author for personal use (not for resale) shall be supplied at a discount of 40% from list price, without royalty to the Author. If a hardcover edition is issued, the Author will receive, free of charge, ( ) copies. Author?s discount on purchase of additional copies for personal use will be the same.

19. Collective Works

If the Work is a collection of articles, the Publisher shall furnish the Author, free of charge, ( ) copies of the case bound edition and ( ) copies of the first edition to each contributor. If a paperback edition is issued, the Author will receive, free of charge, ( ) copies. Any additional copies desired for personal use (not for resale) by the Author shall be supplied at a discount of 40% from list price without royalty to the Author.

20. Royalty Statements and Payments

    1. The Publisher shall render to the Author in October of each year an annual statement of account as of the preceding August thirty-first. Each statement shall be accompanied by payment of all sums due thereon. If in any yearly period the total payments due are less than $25.0 the Publisher shall render the statement but may defer the payment until such time as the sum of $25.00 or more shall be due.
    2. The Author may, upon written request, examine the Publisher?s books of account insofar as they relate to the Work.

21. Termination of Agreement

The Work shall be considered to be ?in print? if it is offered for sale by the Publisher in any edition or if it is offered for sale in any edition licensed by the Publisher during the term of this agreement. In the event that the Publisher fails to keep the Work in print and the Author makes a written request of the Publisher to keep the Work in print, the Publisher shall, within sixty (60) days after receipt of said written request, notify the Author in writing of the Publisher?s decision in the matter. If the Publisher elects to keep the Work in print, it shall have six (6) months thereafter to comply. In the event that the Publisher elects not to keep the Work in print or fails to comply with the six (6) months deadline (unless the failure is due to circumstances beyond its control), then this agreement shall terminate and all rights granted to the Publisher shall revert to the Author.

22. Options/Contracts Third Parties

Nothing contained in Paragraph 14(a) of this agreement shall affect any license or other grant of rights, options, or agreements made with third parties prior to the termination date or the rights of either the Author or the Publisher in the income resulting from such agreements.

23. Discontinuing Manufacture

When the Publisher decides that the public demand for the Work no longer warrants its continued sale, the Publisher may discontinue manufacture and destroy any or all plates, films, books, and sheets without liability to the Author.

24. Amendments

The written provisions contained in this agreement constitute the sole and entire agreement made between the Author and the Publisher concerning this Work, and any amendments to this agreement shall not be valid unless made in writing and signed by both parties.

25. Construction, Binding Effect, and Assignment

This agreement shall be construed and interpreted according to the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and shall be binding upon the parties hereto, their heirs, successors, assigns, and personal representatives; and references to the Author and to the Publisher shall include their heirs, successors, assigns, and personal representatives.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have duly executed this agreement as of the date first written above.

By: Name of Publisher] 





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